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Privacy Notice


The current Privacy Notice applies to Titulars (forward referred indistinctly as “Titular” or “Client”) from which the Liable obtains personal data through their web page, electronic devices, mobile apps, or other allowed channels by the Federal Personal Data Protection in Possession of Particulars Law (FPDPPL).


The Liable responsible for gathering personal data is identified as “GOLDEN SUB S.C.” (forward referred for effects of the notice as “GOLDEN SUB”), with address in Atenas 232 Colonia Americana Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. C.P. 44160.

GOLDEN SUB compromises to guarantee and save accordance personal data according to what is stated in the Federal Personal Data Protection in Possession of Particulars Law (FPDPPL) and its Regulation (RFPDPPL).


The personal data specified next will be the necessary for the correct presentation of service by GOLDEN SUB by the Mexican United States and/or outside:

  1. Sender’s Data
    1.1 Sender’s complete address
    1.2 Sender’s full name
    1.3 Sender’s enterprise’s full name and social reason
    1.4 Sender’s email
    1.5 Sender’s phone number
  2. Personal data for Tax Purposes
    4.1 Name of the physical person / Enterprise’s social reason
    4.2 RFC of the physical person/enterprise
    4.3 CIF of the physical person/enterprise
    4.4 Tax Residence of the physical person/enterprise
    4.5 Name of legal representative
    4.6 Simple copy of the Official ID of the physical person or legal representative
    4.7 Autographed signature of the physical person or legal representative


GOLDEN SUB will treat their personal data solely for the time necessary in order to fulfill with the purpose described in the present Privacy Notice and/or discomfort with what is established in the legal dispositions applicable.
As main purpose, the following are enlisted:

  1. Provide marketing, programming, impression, video, photography, design, social media management, and consulting services; their related and products required by the Titular of personal data.
  2. Inform on changes and new products and/or services
  3. Manage charging and payment processing.
  4. Implement protective measures against possible fraudulent transactions.
  5. Evaluate service quality in order to provide the obligations stated with the Clients.
  6. Contact the Titular to deal matters linked with GOLDEN SUB’s service.
  7. Deal with invoicing from the given services (if needed)
  8. Send virtual invoices to the provided e-mail (if needed)
  9. Create and administrate an access account (if needed)

Additionally, the personal information will be used for the following secondary purposes which are not necessary for the solicited service, but allow to bring a better attention and quality to the service:

  1. Realize internal studies regarding consumer habits
  2. Realize marketing and promotional activities
  3. Commercialize services and/or products
  4. Interconnect data bases
  5. Create buyer personas and their needs

And, in general, any other activity related or connected with the purposes previously described to fulfill with GOLDEN SUB’S own development.


In case the Titular doesn’t want their personal data treated for secondary purposes, they can send a request to the next mail, in which they need to include the following:

  1. Time and place of request
  2. Titular’s full name
  3. List of the secondary purposes which they do not wish to take part of

Also, it is necessary to append a digital copy of the Titular’s Official ID to the mail. Once using GOLDEN SUB’s service, the Titular counts with a term of five (5) workdays in which to, if needed, manifest their negative of the treating of the personal data for secondary purposes.
The negative for the use of personal data for these purposes is not a motive for GOLDEN SUB to deny services or products requested by the Client.


GOLDEN SUB can share with third parties (national or international), with which they are linked, personal data from the Titular with the purpose of achieving the formerly described purposes. The thirds to which GOLDEN SUB can share personal data are:
-Companies affiliated or subsidiary to GOLDEN SUB.
-External professional advisers the act through GOLDENSUB’s account.
-Service providers that are hired to fulfill the purposes described and that perform under the name and account of GOLDEN SUB.
Receivers of personal data are obligated by virtue of Law to keep confidentiality of the data provided and to observe and follow the purposes and dispositions in this Notice.

On this note, GOLDEN SUB can communicate personal data to thirds (national or international) independent to GOLDEN SUB, when they have the purpose of fulfilling a legally acquired obligation, being required by resolution or determination of a competent authority, exists an emergency situation that puts in risk the person or their belonging or when said data communication is foresaw by Law.


The Client can request that their personal data not be transferred to thirds for the purposes identified as secondary or consultancies. The Titular must send a mail to, a request that contains the following data:

  1. Time and place of request
  2. Titular’s full name
  3. List of the secondary purposes which they do not wish to take part of
    Also, it is necessary to append a digital copy of the Titular’s Official ID to the mail.
    GOLDEN SUB compromises to not transfer their personal information to third party players without their consent, except for the exceptions previewed on article 37 of the Federal Personal Data Protection in Possession of Particulars Law (FPDPPL).
    It’s important to note that if the Client doesn’t manifest their negative once GOLDEN SUB’s service is used, in a term of five (5) workdays, it is understood that the consent of the Titular was given.


GOLDEN SUB’s Clients are allowed to access, rectify, cancel, or oppose (ARCO Rights) to their personal data and the details of treaty of the same. Definition of the ARCO Rights:
Access: The right to know which Titular’s personal data GOLDEN SUB has access to.
Rectify: The right to correct personal data in case they’re incomplete or inexact.
Cancel: The right to request that personal data be eliminated from GOLDEN SUB’s database.
Oppose: The right to object to the use of personal data for specific purposes.
To exercise ARCO rights, the Titular must send a request to the email and specify the following:

  1. Time and place of request
  2. Titular’s full name
  3. Request’s object personal data
  4. Motive or reason for request (ARCO Right looking to be exercised)

They must also include in the email a digital copy of an Official ID of the Titular. GOLDEN SUB will treat the request in a term of twenty (20) business days, tops, counted from the date of reception of the email and will perform the execution of the right in the next fifteen (15) days.

GOLDEN SUB’S Clients may revoke consent given to the treatment of their personal data, in order to stop the use of them, as long as it is not for purposes that affect the service given. For this, it is necessary to send a request to the email, with the same requirements to exercise ARCO Rights. The procedure for the revocation of consent will be the same for the ARCO Rights.
It is important the Titular have knowledge that, in some cases, GOLDEN SUB will not be able to attend to the request or conclude the use in an immediate matter since it’s possible that, for some legal obligation, it is requested to continue treating the Client’s personal data.

With the purpose of limiting the use and divulgation of personal information, the Titular may request their inscription to the Public Register to Avoid Publicity (REPEP), which is in charge of the Federal Attorney of the Consumer (PROFECO). In this way, the Titular may request their personal data not be used to receive advertising or promotions from enterprises of goods or services. For more information, the client may consult the web page of the PROFECO or get in touch with directly with them.

GOLDEN SUB’S web page uses cookies and web beacons through which it is possible to monitor the Titular’s behavior as a web user. The cookies are text archives that are automatically downloaded and stored in the hard drive of the computer equipment while navigating in a specific web page, they allow the web server to remember some date form the user, such as, their preferences for the visualization of the pages in said server, name, and password.
On their part, web beacons are images inserted in a web page or email that can be used to monitor behavior of a visitor, store information on the user’s IP address, duration of interaction in said page and type of server used, between others. Cookies and web beacons are used solely with statistic purposes with which the following information is obtained:
1) Their server and operating system
2) The web pages they visit
3) The links they follow
4) Their IP address
5) The site they visited before entering ours
This cookies and web beacons can be disables. To know the procedure, the Titular may consult with their provider or internet administrator.

GOLDEN SUB reserves the right to make, in any moment, modifications or actualizations to the current Privacy Notice, for the attention of legislative novelties, inter politics or new requirements for the provision or offering of services and products.

These modifications will be available to the general public through our website:

Address: Atenas 232, Colonia Americana, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. C.P. 44160.
Actualization date of the current Privacy Notice: July 26, 2017.